Managed Office Space

If you’re a business owner or director, finding the right office space for your business can be a complex and time consuming process.

At UBCUK we offer an alternative for businesses who are looking for an easier way to acquire or expand their office space. Our turnkey solution has been designed with the needs of corporate businesses in mind, offering fully fitted out office space solutions within a simple fixed fee ‘package’ arrangement on a flexible short or longer term basis. 

A fully integrated managed office service


Your location is key to your business and UBCUK takes a consultative approach in order to define your perfect office. We’ll work with you, considering everything from budget and transport links to local amenities and even your company image.


How does your current office configuration work for your business? Do you want to replicate it in your new building, or is it time for a change? Working closely with our architect, we’ll take your brief and plan your perfect layout, ensuring you make the best possible use of the space you need.

IT and Telecoms

Whether you need voice recording or automatic call distribution, UBCUK has the system for you. And then there’s fibre. How much bandwidth does your business really need? Whatever your technology needs, we’ll find and install an expert solution for you. 


“UBCUK worked with our head of real estate to search, acquire and deliver a truly tailored solution and at a significant cost saving. The UBCUK Complete solution is an all-inclusive managed office service. UBCUK takes care of the day to day and ongoing running of the facility, enabling us to focus our resources on developing PTC’s core business.”

Manrico Kiel, Director of Real Estate and Facilities Europe, PTC

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