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8 Reasons to Work in Birmingham Business Park

Birmingham Business Park isn’t your average corporate environment. For starters, it’s home to more birds, bees, ducks and geese than businesses, who have made their homes here amongst the trees...

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Regional Office Locations Are Taking Centre Stage

Looking back over the past year or two, we can say with some conviction that business centres around the UK are about to get a lot busier.

As a long-established operator of flexible...

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New Report Suggests Shared Workspaces Encourage Productivity

Whilst many small and medium-sized businesses value the privacy that comes with a serviced office, there’s a lot to be said for shared workspaces, too.

Shared offices, known as coworking...

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Southampton Tops UK Ranking as Best City for Self-Employment

Not for the first time, England’s South Coast has proven itself a high flier in the entrepreneurial stakes.

In addition to a thriving startup scene, excellent lifestyle amenities and a well...

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65 Church Street Gets into Shape with New Management Team

This summer, UBC welcomed a new management team to 65 Church Street in Central Birmingham: Business Centre Manager, Ben Taylor Cohen, and Customer Service Assistant Amy Baldock.


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Full Steam Ahead for Ocean Marina Developments in Southampton

For entrepreneurs based at UBC’s Enterprise House in Ocean Village Marina, Southampton, it won’t have escaped their notice that a significant amount of development is happening around the...

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Cirencester-based Technology Company, Code Software, Expands into U.S.

Having provided flexible workspace to SMEs in Cirencester since 2008, UBC has long enjoyed the privilege of supporting...

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Got a Business Question? Ask Us Anything, Absolutely Free

*This service is provided free of charge to all clients of UBC’s serviced and virtual offices*

This time last year, UBC launched a partnership with business support and advice...

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BCA Awards 2017: We Need Your Support!

Have you heard about the BCA Awards?

The BCA (Business Centre Association) is a long-standing trade body that represents business centre operators, including UBC, and upholds standards...

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Cirencester: UBC Client Scurries to Success!

From independent professionals and talented startups to ambitious SMEs and corporate teams, there’s no end of talent under the roof of UBC’s business centres.

What’s more, many of our...

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