5 Myth-Busting Facts About Coworking

5 Myth-Busting Facts About Coworking

After more than a year of working from home, it’s no surprise that some people have become a little tired of it.

Although we all love the opportunity to reduce the commute and work more flexibly, spending too much time at home can have a negative impact on our work-life balance. One problem is that working from home exacerbates the ‘always on’ culture, with one study claiming that more than half of people are struggling to keep their workloads within business hours.

What’s more, the increasingly blurred lines between work and home creates a ‘cycle of fatigue’ whereby workers struggle to mentally switch off from work at the end of the day.

Many people are now splitting their working week between their home and a central office. This approach enables flexibility without reverting to the time-consuming cycle of daily commuting.

But for some small businesses, signing up to an office space during the current climate represents a financial commitment they are not yet willing to make.

If you’re tired of working from home but you’re not ready to commit to a serviced office, why not try a coworking space?

Perhaps you’ve tried coworking in the past, heard about it in the press, or you don’t think it’s the right solution for you.

Before you make up your mind, here are 5 myth-busting things you should know about coworking:

Myth 1: "It’s busy and crowded"

On the contrary, coworking spaces are professionally managed business hubs designed to help you work more productively. Some spaces offer desks in open plan offices, while others - including UBC - provide a dedicated workstation in a shared yet spacious office. A busy and crowded space doesn’t help anyone, which is why our coworking spaces only accommodate a small number of people, to ensure a professional and focused environment.


Myth 2: "It’s expensive"

The cost of a coworking membership varies depending on your location and choice of coworking provider. Even so, choosing a shared space rather than a private office is almost always more cost effective. In the same way that sharing goods helps lower the cost for everyone, the same goes for sharing space, amenities, and services in a workplace. At UBC, we offer a variety of coworking plans to suit different needs and budgets. We have day rates, flexible passes, or full-time membership - see our full range of plans and prices here: UBC Venture Coworking.


Myth 3: "It’s all beer and table football"

Coworking has grown up a lot since it burst onto the scene more than a decade ago. Some high-profile coworking companies offer fun perks and freebies to attract a specific audience, but at UBC we prefer a more professional approach. You won’t find table football or boozy Fridays in any of our centres - instead, we give you the environment and support you need to work productively and grow your business. That being said, we’re a sociable bunch and we regularly put on networking events, workshops, taster sessions, and cake sales - take a look at our events page for what’s coming up!


Myth 4: "It’s too far from me"

Coworking has grown rapidly in recent years, and there are now hundreds of locations across the UK, operated by small and large companies alike. At UBC, we have 7 coworking centres to choose from, including Southampton, West London, the Midlands, and Warrington. And since we offer flexible plans starting with simple day passes, you don't need to be there every day to get the full value. See our full list of locations here.


Myth 5: “It’s just not my thing”

Maybe it isn’t. But you won’t know until you try - and that’s why UBC offers a free trial day at all of our 7 coworking locations. Why not come and try it out for yourself?


Find out more about coworking with UBC on our website. You can also chat with us online or get in touch by phone or email. Don’t forget to take advantage of our free coworking day pass, which you can use in any of our UK locations!