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Flexible Office Solutions - The Office Time Share

Are you struggling with full-time remote-working? Have you considered an office Time-Share?

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted every single business and industry on earth and forced businesses of all size to rethink their work patterns (and beliefs). What we are experiencing is a major cultural shift in how we work, and how we think about working together, too.

As a result of recent world events businesses everywhere are increasingly seeing the benefits of remote working and are now exploring ways of integrating it into their future company practices.

In recent surveys, the data has shown that in the main employees want to return to the workplace, but if they could choose, they would probably spend some time at work and some time at home.

This may offer some advantages to your business:-

  • If not everyone is in the office full time, maybe you don’t need as much office space as previously, you may be able to take less space and save costs.
  • If there are less staff in your office than before, and you retain the same office, you will each have more space and be able to have distance between employees, better for health and well-being

But what if everyone wants to be in at the same time, but not every day? Why should you pay for empty space on the days you are home?

A new alternative is a Time-Shared office.  Office timesharing is different to traditional office sharing, which involves different businesses using the same office at the same time. With office timesharing, you are the only business using the workspace on your designated days.

Timesharing allows businesses to have both a physical office environment and a flexible working policy, without wasting money on office space that sits empty for significant periods of time.

Whether this is suitable for you and your business, depends on the nature of the work you do. If you work on desk top equipment this option may not be right for you; but if you are geared up to work mobile, or if you need the offices for client meetings or collaborative exercises, then it could be a great option.

You can still take office space in a professional environment that belongs to your business, but for a fraction of the cost. 

Having designated “office days” can also introduce routine into a new flexible working structure, making it easier for businesses to transition away from having everyone in the office all the time, without too much of a culture shock.

Maintaining an office presence, even if only part-time, can also show employees that you still value team culture and collaboration. Office time can give the team a feeling of belonging that may suffer in a fully-remote scenario, whilst also giving employees access to the flexibility that remote working offers.

UBC can now offer Timeshare offices on monthly contracts, minimum 2 days per week.

To find out more about Office Time-Share at UBCUK or other flexible options, please get in touch.