Is Working from Home Still Working for You?

Is Working from Home Still Working for You?

The past few months have shown us the pros and cons of working from home. We can do it, but is it the right solution going forward?

Short-term, working from home saves time and money. Long-term however, it can have a negative impact on productivity and wellbeing. It’s distracting when family members and children are at home or worse, for those who live alone, it’s extremely isolating.

Home should be your haven - a place where you can leave work aside and relax. When work and home collide it becomes difficult to switch off from your business, which easily leads to stress, exhaustion and burnout.

At UBCUK, many of our clients are working around these challenges by working part-time from home and the rest of the time in a flexible office.

This time-share approach allows each employee to balance their working week, which gives everyone the chance to spend much-needed time in a collaborative environment without compromising on safety. All of our offices have been modified for physical distancing and are currently operating on reduced capacity, which means people can get to work in a professional environment that prioritises health and wellbeing.

We recognise the pressures that small businesses are facing and we have implemented these measures to help entrepreneurs navigate the ‘new normal’ in an inspiring, productive and safe environment.

To help small businesses through the current situation, we have also launched a ‘Revive & Thrive’ programme to support local startups. Small businesses under 2 years old can receive subsidised workspace in a professional environment along with onsite services and free business support from local specialists.

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