Networking is Back: 7 Things to Look Forward To

Networking is Back: 7 Things to Look Forward To

It’s been a while, but we’re thrilled that in-person networking is once again taking place at UBC centres across the country.

Networking is usually a regular occurrence at UBC, with multiple events taking place every month. Over the past year we’ve adapted our format by inviting local business owners to share knowledge over a virtual setting, enabling UBC clients to learn new techniques and stay focused on their business.

Now, we’re thrilled that we can finally bring networking back to our business centres.

In July 2021 we held our first event for many months, ‘Warrington Wednesday’, which combined safely distanced in-person networking at our Birchwood centre with a talk from Carina Martins Nakama, founder and lead instructor at Benessere. Carina shared with us the importance of perseverance as a leadership skill and how it can help boost team engagement, focus and performance.

Following our first event we’re now planning to step up our networking events from September 2021. These follow various formats, including our ever-popular Henley Hub at Henley-in-Arden in Warwickshire, and a new drop-in networking in Cirencester - both of which are open to local businesses as well as UBC clients.

Every event also provides the chance to raise funds for our nominated charity, The Rainbow Trust, with many more fundraising events lined up over the coming months.

Keep an eye on our Events page for full details!

7 Things We’ve Missed, and What to Look Forward To

If your business cards have been gathering dust and your 15-second pitch is a little rusty, you’re not alone. Ease yourself back into networking by attending one of our upcoming events.

Here are 7 things to look forward to:

  • 1. Friendly atmosphere in a Covid-safe setting: Even though restrictions are easing, your health and safety is paramount at UBC. We provide spacious areas enabling a safe, socially distanced event, giving you the opportunity to relax and socialise with your UBC neighbours in a friendly yet professional setting.
  • 2. Discover local businesses: Ever wondered who’s in the next office? Now you can meet your neighbours and discover local talent that’s right on the doorstep. Build connections while supporting and working with other local professionals.
  • 3. Learn something new: All our networking events include a local speaker, who will give an informative short talk on a business topic such as leadership, sales, social media marketing, or one of many other subjects focusing on business growth.
  • 4. Raise money for charity: Every event organised by UBC provides the opportunity to raise funds for our nominated charity, The Rainbow Trust. Whether by taking part in a raffle or making a donation in return for tea and cake, there’s always a good reason to attend a UBC event.
  • 5. Socialise over lunch: What could be better than a natter with nibbles? We always provide refreshments at our networking events, whether it’s coffee and pastries at breakfast or a buffet selection with hot drinks - or perhaps a glass of fizz - over lunch.
  • 6. Gain fresh perspectives: One of the great benefits of networking is that you can gain a different perspective simply by talking to other like-minded professionals. Gain instant answers, solutions, new ideas and fresh inspiration.
  • 7. Explore new opportunities: Networking isn’t just about making sales. It’s about making new connections, building your network and exploring new opportunities such as investment, growth support, sponsorship, and even future business partnerships. In short, networking with UBC is designed to strengthen your business foundations and pave the way for future growth.

Want to take part? Join us at one of our upcoming business networking events. Keep an eye on our Events page, choose an event near you, and register online. We look forward to seeing you!

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