Small Businesses Are Still Signing for Offices - Here’s Why

Small Businesses Are Still Signing for Offices - Here’s Why

Having started 2021 in another lockdown, it wasn’t quite the New Year we all hoped for. But with a vaccination programme now in full swing, positive change is happening.

Even while many people are still working from home, at UBC we are continuing to receive daily enquiries from small businesses seeking flexible office space at our 7 centres across the UK.

This may seem odd during the current restrictions. But our offices have remained open throughout the lockdown for essential businesses and, between times, have become a vital hub for (safely-distanced) collaboration for teams and small businesses.

Here’s why:

  • Workers need a safe and productive space away from the home. Some people don’t have enough space for quiet focused work at home, particularly while children are not at school.
  • Private offices can be used with time-share shift patterns. This enables employees to come in at different times of the day or week and work safely.
  • Our offices are all located away from busy town and city centres and have onsite parking, which allows for safer travel by car.
  • Every centre is professionally managed with Covid-safe measures including regular cleaning, sanitisation stations, physical distancing and one-way systems (where appropriate).
  • Entrepreneurs still need a commercial address. Not only does it look more professional than a residential address, it also protects your home from spam mail and unexpected callers.

Speaking to our small business clients, it’s clear that they are thinking about the future. The current situation is temporary and they are all aware that a growing business cannot operate from home 100% of the time. It’s impractical, unproductive, and it’s too disconnected for effective team collaboration.

A serviced office provides a cost-effective workplace that’s short-term and flexible; it delivers the type of collaboration and amenities business owners need to support their team and achieve growth, with less risk and commitment than a traditional long-term office letting.

To learn more, why not speak to us and find out how we can help you work more efficiently in 2021?