Starring Role for UBC’s Forward House

Starring Role for UBC’s Forward House

A seemingly endless array of cameras, lights and filming equipment descended upon UBC’s Forward House offices in Henley-in-Arden recently. 

This time, it had nothing to do with our latest promotional video.

We’d be a little worried if it was -- because in addition to the film equipment was a team of police and forensic officers, investigating a rather grisly crime.

Fortunately however, it wasn’t the real thing.

Forward House recently turned into a film set for a Warwickshire-based film production. UBC’s underground car park was used to shoot several scenes for a murder mystery, featuring police cordons, uniformed officers, and characters in full forensic suits.

Not only that, but our very own Christine Anderson also took a starring role (well, almost) as a film extra -- once acting as a scene of crime officer, complete with full protective clothing, and later making a second appearance as a shopper.

Talk about UBC staff going the ‘extra’ mile!

UBC's Christine Anderson as a film extra

The film ‘The Last Twitch’ is written and directed by Pablo Raybould and is the follow-up to his earlier production, ‘The Snarling’. Keep up to date with the latest production news here:

While forensic suits and supernatural crimes are thankfully quite rare at UBC, hosting film crews is more common than you might think.

Serviced offices are frequently used as film sets, mainly due to the flexibility of the space and availability of small, ready-furnished private offices.

Serviced offices are quiet, private, and all the props or facilities you might need are standing by, such as meeting rooms, printers, copy machines, a reception desk, and even an underground car park.

When you think about it, a serviced office isn’t unlike a film set: it’s furnished, well lit, and ready for action.

Plus, here at UBC we’re always happy to provide drinks and refreshments, and we might even be able to provide a staff member who is happy to fulfil the role of ‘extra’!

Need an office environment for a filming location? With 7 locations across the UK, we have a fantastic range of space to suit different requirements. Speak to the team at UBC to find out more.