5 Ways UBC Provides Growth Support for Your Business

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5 Ways UBC Provides Growth Support for Your Business

Our business centres are hubs of entrepreneurial activity. Walk into any one of UBC’s 7 flexible workspace centres and you’ll find scores of people doing business independently yet working together; collaborating in coworking spaces, sharing ideas over coffee, networking at one of our lunchtime socials, or simply enjoying a break together in the lounge.

That’s the great thing about business centres. They’re not just buildings full of offices and meeting rooms - business centres are designed to foster innovation by encouraging people to meet and collaborate, which creates the connections that entrepreneurs need to take their businesses further.

But it’s not just about chance encounters or networking. Here are some more ways in which our centres can support your business growth.

1) Enterprise Nation

In 2018 UBC teamed up with UK business network, Enterprise Nation, to create new growth opportunities for our clients. Through this partnership we’re able to provide 50% discount on Enterprise Nation membership, which gives our clients access to local workshops and events, expert business advice, funding support, networking opportunities, and more.

For example, membership provides access to:

  • Weekly online masterclasses with entrepreneurs and business experts
  • Discounted access to events and workshops
  • Online resources to aid business growth
  • Access to thousands of experts via the Enterprise Nation platform and free 30 minute expert consultation calls

Find out more about Enterprise Nation membership here.

2) Networking Events & Socials

Every UBC business centre runs a lively programme of events, ranging from lunchtime networking opportunities to quiz nights and charity fundraisers.

In 2018 we’ve organised a wide variety of events including:

  • Henley Hub - a new monthly networking event with guest speaker at Forward House in Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire.
  • Lunchtime quiz and social event at Sentinel House in Fleet, Hampshire, in partnership with Fleet Rotary.
  • ‘Pat & Chat’ days in aid of our chosen charity, Guide Dogs UK, attended by volunteers and handlers with puppies in training.
  • Flexi Friday - a free coworking day that takes place each month. Everyone is welcome, including people from outside UBC centres, which means clients have a great opportunity to meet other local business owners.

...and many more. These events help people to make connections and identify others in their centre with complementary skillsets, such as designers or financial consultants, who can provide the services needed to run or grow a business.

3) Human Connections

When you’re busy running a business, we understand that finding the time to make new connections and grow your network can be difficult. Plus, it doesn’t always feel natural to ‘talk shop’ and swap business cards.

That’s why we’ve designed a variety of events to help break the ice. There’s no pressure to network - it’s simply an opportunity to chat and relax with other people in your business centre. Trust us, making new connections feels a whole lot easier when you’re enjoying tea and cake together, or in the company of gorgeous guide dog puppies!

4) Training & Workshops

Socialising and networking is one thing, but another reason we run events at our business centres is to help you learn about new techniques to grow your business.

In October this year we organised an Enterprise National launch event complete with a 20-minute talk from social media expert Luan Wise. This event was held online in a webinar format, which enabled clients from all over the country to tap into the content and pick up valuable marketing tips.

We have another online marketing workshop coming up in November with the fantastic Rebecca Bates, who will be explaining how to transform your LinkedIn profile to generate more sales for your business. And at Sentinel House in Fleet, David Wylie from ZebonIT will be walking us through GDPR and the complex field of privacy and compliance.

5) Business Growth Support

Events aside, every UBC business centre is designed to support your business needs, any way you need it. All of our centres provide furnished workspace ranging in size from one to sixty people, which have flexible terms and are ready equipped for instant occupation.

Every centre has a variety of meeting rooms, lounge areas, shared coworking spaces, and on-site support from our customer service team. Whether you need someone to answer your calls, greet visiting clients or arrange professional printing, our staff are on-hand throughout the working week to help.

Find out more about UBC’s flexible office space and business growth support online at ubcuk.com