How to drive customers to your website (without paid ads)

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3rd July 2020
12:00pm - 01:00pm

This is an online event

Power Hour with Theo Ruby

In this live training session, we will learn how to drive customers to your website without the use of paid advertising (not just random traffic). By understanding how to monitor and attract an engaged audience, cutting through the noise and creating lasting relationships to grow your business.
1) Setup | Learn how to set up tracking and monitoring tools (Google Analytics, Search & CRM)
2) Understand | Know customer touchpoints and how to utilise them
3) Prepare | Ensure your website and lead magnet are ready to go
4) Attract | Create a compelling story that offers real value to the target audience
5) Nurture | Build long-lasting relationships and returning customers
6) Review | Monitor results and adjust campaigns to maximise effectiveness

What are Bitesize Marketing Guides?

These marketing guides are carefully designed to give entrepreneurs practical skills to develop their own marketing campaigns in small bitesize chunks to make them easy and accessible for everyone.
Building a comprehensive reference of all key areas of digital marketing without jargon that is 100% free forever! We cover topics such as Website Design, SEO, Social Media, Networking, Sales Funnels and much more! See our latest guides here 

How does It work?
Every Friday at 12pm we hold a live training/networking session to cover all areas of digital marketing and business development. Bringing together business owners from across London to discuss marketing strategies, with over 260 unique attendees and counting.
Working with small business owners at all stages of their business life cycle to offer valuable and sustainable solutions. Everything covered in these sessions follows the same principles that we apply to our own marketing campaigns to help SME’s to reach their potential.

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This is a Virtual Event - hosted on Zoom