Master your mind for personal growth workshop

Master your mind for personal growth Workshop

6th June - Half Day 9.30 - 13.00, Cirencester 

Ascent Performance Coaching

Master your mind and get out of your own way! The Leader who is forever in the learning mode is the one most likely to succeed. - Lee Thayer

About this Event

 Do you get in your own way? Does self-doubt hold you back? Do you tell yourself you can’t do something because of x,y,or z? Are you stop yourself doing things because you fear failure, rejection, criticism or judgement? You will be relived to hear you are not alone! We all have mental blocks and self-limiting beliefs but by increasing our Emotional Intelligence and understanding ourselves better we can over come them and suddenly our worlds are filled with so many more solutions and opportunities.

In this workshop you will not only learn tools, techniques and strategies that will allow you to master your mind and tame the little voice that holds you back but also how to get more out of yourself and life so that you can focus on what you want and how you are going to get it.

This workshop is a group coaching session where you will be both client and coach. You will receive a work book that you can take away with you and practice what you have learnt. You will also be given access to two e-books written by my trainer and mentor and a webinar on stress and how to manage it.

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