Master your mind for relationships

Master your mind to improve your relationships

11th July - Half Day 9.30 - 13.00, Cirencester 

Ascent Performance Coaching

Master your mind and your understanding of how to communicate better. Lack of communication leaves too much room for the imagination, J.Cole

About this Event

We communicate 100% of the time, we do this though body language, our voice and our words. It can either work like magic or end in a huge misunderstanding. If you would like to learn how to communicate better and get what you want out of your relationships this is the workshop for you.

We all communicate differently and once we start to understand how our emotions impact out communication, how the other person communicates and how to build rapport amazing things can happen in both our personal and professional relationships.

This workshop is a group coaching session where you will be both client and coach. You will receive a work book that you can take away with you and practice what you have learnt. You will also be given access to two e-books written by my trainer and mentor and a webinar on stress and how to manage it.

In October 2016 I was extremely dissatisfied, stressed and not a nice person to be around at work. I sat looking at an advert for a course not dissimilar to this one, except that is was 3 days not 3.5 hours, it changed my life. Could this be a stepping stone to a new and improved you?

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Your preferred communication methods and how they differ from others
  • How to read and interpret facial expressions and eye movements
  • How to use your voice to get what you want
  • How to use words to build rapport and improve communication
  • Body language for building rapport

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