UBCUK Launches Workplace Wellbeing Initiative in Warrington

UBCUK Launches Workplace Wellbeing Initiative in Warrington

UK serviced office operator, UBCUK, is collaborating with the Healthy Business Hub to help business owners in the North West improve workplace wellbeing for the benefit of their staff.

The ‘Healthy Business Hub: Birchwood’ will launch on 25th October 2018 during a special event held at Rutherford House, UBC’s serviced offices in Warrington.

In the UK alone, there are more than 131 million work days lost through sickness, equating to an estimated cost of £60 billion. The Healthy Business Hub: Birchwood will provide a place for businesses to work together to respond to this critical issue by sharing knowledge and experiences, and gaining access to specialist advice.

Expert speakers will provide guidance on workplace wellbeing and its impact on staff performance and productivity, to help business owners develop effective and sustainable wellbeing strategies.

At the first event on 25th October 2018, Healthy Business Hub: Birchwood will welcome health expert and speaker Simon Shepard. A Chartered Physiotherapist by profession, Simon, whose clients include the NHS, Barclays, Unilever and Deloitte, helps business leaders identify and prioritise the most significant workplace issues impacting the health of their people.

The Healthy Business Hub has been set up by Sue Henry and Ali Wheeler, two experts in organisational change and workplace wellbeing, and is the first resource of its kind in the North of England. Sue is Director of MSH Partnership

Jane Erasmus, Sales & Marketing Director at UBCUK, said: “We’ve always strived to help our clients lead healthy and happy lives by providing supportive, high quality working environments. But there’s so much more to wellbeing than having a comfortable place to work.

“We know that a happy and healthy workforce is a productive workforce, and it forms the basis of every successful business. There’s a lot of focus on workplace health and companies are now much more aware of the benefits of investing in employee wellbeing.

“We’re delighted to be working with Sue and Ali to launch the first Healthy Business Hub in Birchwood. It’s an excellent opportunity for our clients to learn more about the different ways they can invest in their teams to further develop and grow their businesses.”

Find out more about the ‘Healthy Business Hub: Birchwood’ on 25th October 2018 and reserve your ticket, here.